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Once again Vandalism at Mill Cove.

The recently constructed restroom facility above the main pavilion has been desecrated with extensive obnoxious graffiti. These types of actions cost everybody. The restrooms will have to be shut down while clean-up occurs. Donations & volunteers were used to build it, now donations & volunteers will be required to clean and re-paint.  Please contact 570-549-2794 with any information leading to the perpetrators of this travesty.  State Police will be requested to investigate.

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2018 Annual Meeting Announcement

The 2018 Annual Mill Cove Environmental Area and Education Center Meeting will be on June 20th from 5:30 PM until 7:30 PM with our special guest speaker being Rawley D. Cogan, President, CEO, and co-founder of The Keystone Elk Country Alliance.

Rawley's biography:

Rawland D. Cogan (Rawley) is the President and CEO and co-founder of the Keystone Elk Country Alliance. The Keystone Elk Country Alliance is a Pennsylvania based 501 (c) (3) wildlife conservation organization that manages and operates the Elk Country Visitor Center. Prior to working with the Keystone Elk Country Alliance, Rawley worked as a Lands Program Manager for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. His career with the PA Game Commission began in 1982 with field research involving elk home range and movements, elk/human conflicts and mitigation, aerial survey and population estimates, calf survival and elk habitat preference. He is a wildlife biologist with 20 years of experience with the state wildlife agency as an Elk Biologist and 16 years of experience working in non-profit conservation organizations. Rawley completed a Master’s Degree at Penn State University in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, a Bachelor Degree at Slippery Rock University in Natural Resource Management and an Associate Degree at Penn State in Wildlife Technology.  

His research work has been published in The Wildlife Society and National Geographic. Rawley has narrated and co-authored the script for the Pennsylvania Game Commission video titled; Pennsylvania Elk; Reclaiming the Alleghenies, presented lectures throughout the country on Pennsylvania Elk, appeared on numerous television shows, is a host of the national TV show TomBob Outdoors, Friends in Wild Places, is a life member of the Keystone Elk Country Alliance and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, holds memberships with the National Rifle Association and Safari Club International. Rawley currently is working in partnership with Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to manage and operate the Elk Country Visitor Center. The Elk Center attracts over 481,000 visitors annually.


* Great day at Mill Cove, some locals still don't know what is available there! ! Jean told me that she had sent out 100 letters for vendors and had 50 there today, some people are missing the boat. But there's get improvement each year, congrats to all for a very successful event!

* Beautiful area with a great mission by many that are involved.

Facility Updates


As seen to the left

The Engineering Design for the Mill Cove Shooting Range was begun by the Larson Design Group in early 2014.  Construction of the earthwork was completed with the very generous donation of labor and equipment by the Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority during the summer of 2015.  Interior finish grading and drainage, the shooting shelter and the 40 x 60 storage building was constructed the following year. The major components of the range such as the backstop material/height, side berms, ground surface/slope are all in compliance with the NRA design manual. The Shooting Range access road was constructed under contact with Mill Creek Paving & Excavating and the Storage Building by Buildings, Inc. of Covington.

The project consists of a 50-yard shooting range with earthen backstop and berms, covered shooting benches, a 40 x 60 storage building with privy type restrooms, interior drainage and retention basin, gravel parking area and an access road.

The Shooting Range is for group events and training and can only be used when a certified range officer is on site. The range may be reserved for use by organized groups. Possession of a loaded firearm is prohibited, except at an established shooting station on the firing line. Discharging armor-piercing, incendiary, tracer or multiple projection (including shotgun) ammunition or use of clay birds or automatic firearms is prohibited.  Because of insurance issues, individual or personal use of the range cannot be allowed.


To reserve the range for a group event call: 570-549-2794